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About Us 

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Our mission is to become a source of support and trust for you and your loved one.

We are a Florida state licensed Nurse Registry serving the Miami-Dade area. We strive to provide individualized home care services for your loved one, with great attention to detail and care.


We understand the delicacy of trusting your loved one with someone else, which

is why we take great care in matching and referring your loved one with the right caregiver that fits their personality and care needs. We do frequent check-ins with you and your loved one to ensure the best level of care and comfort. Our services

are for anyone of any age, and for a wide variety of in-home care services.

We are dedicated to provide your loved one with the best care and attention,

so that they may continue to live their lives in the comfort of their home

as independently possible.

We can provide flexible care hours, from 24/7 care to as little as few hours a day for a few days a week. We are committed to you and your loved one, which is why we are available 24/7 to provide any assistance needed. Let our family lend a helping hand to yours. 

Caregivers We Refer

We know the importance of having a caregiver you can trust your loved one with. We screen our caregivers thoroughly and each one has a federal background check. We make sure we work with responsible and compassionate caregivers; so you can feel at rest that your loved one is in the right hands. We also take great care and time in making sure we match and refer your loved one with the caregiver that best fits their personality and care needs. The caregivers we refer are dedicated to providing the best quality and compassionate care. 

Our 5-Step Recruiting Process 

This is how we ensure the quality and dedication of our caregivers.

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Online Application

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Telephone Interview

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Personal Meeting

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Document Verification

The Caregivers We Refer

Within our network of referrable caregivers, we have all levels of education and can match them to your needs and desires:

Home Health Aid



Certified Nursing







Registered Nurse



Licensed Practical



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