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Care We Provide

Personal Care:


Everyday care that provides the personal support and dignity for your loved one.

Whether you need assistance with personal hygiene, help with getting dressed, getting up or going to bed - the caregivers we refer are there for you.

All of our services will be personalized to meet the needs of you and your family.

Personal Hygiene.png
Bathing & showering.png
Bathroom assistance.png

Personal Hygiene

Bathing & Showering  

Bathroom Assistance


Transfer assistance.png
Walking assistance.png
Medical checks.png

Incontinence Care

Transfer Getting Up

Walking Assistance

Health Recordings



You need support in the household? We can take care of your everyday light tasks, errands and shopping needs. Whether it's light housekeeping like general tidying, vacuuming, washing dishes or ironing - we are your extended arm to support you in everyday life.

Light housekeeping.png
Laundry & Ironing.png

Light Housekeeping  

Laundry / Ironing    

Grocery Shopping.png
Meal Prep.png

Grocery Shopping

Meal Preparation



The caregivers we refer are not only sociable, but are also looking forward to walks, cooking and eating together, or to practice your hobbies. We make sure you are not alone and that you always have a kind, trusting person to connect with and spend time with.





Play games.png
Brain training.png

Practice Hobbies

Playing Games

Brain Training

Respite Care:

We are here for you when your family caregivers need assistance. We ensure continuity of care with dedication and compassion. We can provide Respite Care in planned and emergency situations for children and adults, with a timetable that is tailored to your needs. 

Change of situation.png
Emergency Care.png

Unexpected Circumstances

Emergency Care 

Travel care.png
Child + Senior.png

Travel Care

Services for All 

Memory & Specialty Care:

We are here to help – our mission is to ensure that you never feel alone. We know the emotional and physical challenges of caring for a family member that suffers from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or other cognitive changes. We strive to maintain normalcy and provide the specific care that your loved one needs.


Dementia Care

Parkinson’s Care

Dementia Care.png
Parkinson's Care.png

Brain Training

Movement Exercises

Brain training.png
Movement Exercises.png

Child Care:

Our versatile services cover all parent’s needs, from sitter services to nursing care. With compassion, love and complete dedication, we give parents the peace of mind that they deserve. Our highly tailored services extend from babies to infants and children.


Sitter Services 

Pre and Postnatal Care

Specialized Nurses

Special Needs Support

Baby sitting.png
Pre - Post Natal Care.png
Special Needs.png
Specialised Nurses.png

Other Services:

Mental Health Care.png
Cancer Recovery Care.png

Mental Health Care

Cancer Recovery Care

Paraplegia Care

Stroke Recovery Care.png
Post Operative Care.png
Hospital Transition Care.png

Stroke Recovery Care

Post-Operative Care

Hospital Transition Care

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